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3) Gold Package

Views: 201

If your company is expanding and you need more time to focus on your core business, this package is a great solution. It includes all the components of our previous packages plus:

  • Payroll processing for up to five employees
  • Bill payment
  • Weekly balance sheet and income statement
  • Transactions updated in real time

5) On demand services

Views: 131

We can customize a bookkeeping package especially for you. Choose exactly what you want from our on demand services; we will do as much or as little as you want us to do. 
Our pricing is determined by the scope of the work that we performed and the specific services rendered. Please call for details.

2) Silver Package

Views: 141

This package is perfect if your business has started to grow and you’ve hired a few employees. It includes all the features of our previous package plus:

  • Payroll processing for up to four employees
  • Personal property tax return filing

1) Bronze Package

Views: 173

This basic package is a good place to start. We can help you focus on growth rather than paperwork. 

Benefits include:

  • Bank reconciliation of two Bank Accounts
  • Monthly balance sheet and income statement

4) Diamond Package

Views: 163

Once your business is well established and your revenue is increasing, you may want more flexibility. Our Optimal package includes all the advantages of our Previous packages, plus:

  • Monthly invoicing
  • Accounts receivable monitoring